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EXANTE: complying with SEC


EXANTE is a curious broker who has managed a comprehensive portfolio of markets covering both the US and Asia. The aggregate capitalization of the client portfolio managed by EXANTE is more than €200 million, while it is possible to trade with 150,000+ different financial assets. Moreover, it is possible to access all of these instruments from a single multi-currency account.

Examine multiple markets with EXANTE brokerage

By working with this broker it is possible to trade with stocks and ETFs (NYSE, NASDAQ, TSX, LSE, MSE, MOEX). It is possible to trade on more than 50 financial markets and 10,000+ different stocks. It is also possible to invest in currencies and metals. Regarding futures (CME, NYMEX, MGEX, FORTS), they can be accessed from more than 30 derivatives exchanges. Explore 70,000+ options on various instruments. There is also an opportunity to invest in 200+ investment funds, including hedge funds. Moreover, there is also the option to trade in digital currencies. With respect to these instruments, there are 10+ cryptocurrency funds managed by Bloomberg. Obviously, the EXANTE broker provides excellent diversification opportunities, significantly reducing the risk exposure of your portfolio.

EXANTE complies with the SEC regulations

The broker is an example at cooperating with the SEC regulator. The company highly values all of the regulations put forward by this respected watchdog. The broker takes its reputation very seriously, thus even if you devote your time to examination, you won’t be able to find anything distressing.

EXANTE is unique at providing excellent crypto investment opportunities

If you are curious to learn more about crypto currencies, you have found the right broker as he shares the same interest as you. EXANTE was one of the first brokers to begin trading with digital currencies. At this point EXANTE provides an immense variety of digital currencies to examine on the company’s state-of-the-art trading platform. Bitcoin has the tendency to be comparatively volatile, thus it is not impossible that soon it may rocket back to the peak it hit in 2017.

Trading with EXANTE

The broker doesn’t confuse your life by providing many different trading accounts. The key benefit of the broker lies in the fact that it’s possible to access the key financial markets in the world from a single account. The commissions set for each market are constant and are easily available and transparent, avoiding any misunderstandings.

By examining the company’s website, it is possible to see that the commissions offered by the company do not fall outside of the regular range.

EXANTE trading platforms

The trading platform developed by the broker allows you to trade from the device most convenient to you, whether it would be a smartphone, PCs or tablets, etc. It is possible to trade with thousands of instruments right at your fingertips from your mobile device. The broker prioritised smooth trade execution, thus it employs more than 400 servers around the world, to guarantee smallest latencies.

Additionally, one of the key technical benefits of the terminal is the Drag’n’Drop function. It allows you to fully personalize your trading terminal. It allows you to follow the price developments of any instrument in a single window. The platform is available in multiple languages and for the more advanced traders, it is possible to engage in algorithmic trading for free.

The platform is more widely recognised thanks to the convenience of its user-interface. On the right side it is possible to find the quotes module that exhibits trade volumes, that is a feature that cannot be found even on the professional MetaTrader terminal. In this interface the assets are grouped in categories. If you have lost an instrument, the search function will help you to instantaneously locate it. Moreover, there are integrated tools that may assist with the conduction of technical analysis (Fibonacci, Gann, etc.).


The broker will never be able to train you to use the platform most effectively. Logically, the main focus is on high-net-worth brokers with the largest deposits. There are a number of how-to videos that may help you navigate the platform, but it is impossible to create videos covering all of the functions. If you are still confused, you should examine which other brokers focus towards more inexperienced traders.

To conclude

EXANTE is a reputable international broker with his main business interest in professional traders. The broker offers more than 150,000 financial assets from 50+ markets from the entire world. It is possible to try out its modern, intuitive and convenient trading terminal whose additional tools and instruments will prove to be a useful hand in trading. The request for comparatively large deposits can be considered as a drawback, yet it is justified by its peculiar consumer demography. So if you are one of them, don’t postpone beginning your journey with EXANTE.

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